Congress 2018

The Organizing Committee cordially invites historians, philosophers and all scientists interested in HPS from all over the world to participate at the First Open Congress of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science (RSHPS) entitled “History and Philosophy of Science in the Time of Change”, to be held on September 14-16, 2018, in Moscow, Russia.
The Congress will be organized by the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University and other leading educational and academic institutions.

Organizing Committee
I. Kasavin (Head), D.A. Bayuk, V.A. Bazhanov, I.N. Griftzova, A.P. Kozyrev, T.G. Leshkevitch, I.D. Nevvazhai, A.V. Rodin, A.Yu. Sevalnikov, T.D. Sokolova (Secretary), G.V. Sorina, E.O. Trufanova, L.A. Tuhvatulina, A.F. Yakovleva

Program Committee
A. Smirnov (Head), V.I. Arshinov, I.T. Kasavin, V.G. Kuzntetzov, V.A. Lektorsky, V.I. Markin, V.V. Mironov, A.A. Pechenkin, V.N. Porus, B.I. Prushinin, I.E. Sirotkina, V.S. Stepin, V.V. Tselishchev

The aims of the Congress include a promotion of new agendas in HPS, discussing of structural shifts in this field of research and making certain decisions in RSHPS. The Congress covers all areas of HPS, which are present today in Russia, including new emerging areas, which only begin to develop in this country. For more information about the RSHPS and the Congress you can refer to our official website ( ).

The working languages of the Congress are Russian and English.


Harry Collins, Distinguished Research Professor, the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales, UK
John Duprė, the director of the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society and professor of philosophy at the University of Exeter, UK
Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology at the Department of sociology at University of Warwick, UK
Vladislav Lektorsky, Prof. Dr., Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Elisabeth Lloyd, the Arnold and Maxine Tanis Chair of History and Philosophy of Science, Professor of Biology, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Indiana University, USA
Trevor Pinch, Goldwin Smith Professor of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University, USA
Vjacheslav Stepin, Prof. Dr., Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Potential contributors are asked to send abstracts up to 10 000 character or 1500 words by March 1, 2018 to congress18 (at) rshps (dot) org as attachments in RTF or DOC format. In the beginning of the abstract please specify your full name, affiliation, email and the name of section or round table where you prefer to present your paper. Then follow a short abstract (up to 100 words) and the main body of your submission. Please use automatic endnotes rather than footnotes.
The list of accepted abstracts will be published on the Congress’ site by April 1, 2018. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings in August 2018. The Organizing Committee reserve the right to offer a contributor to deliver a plenary or section talk, participate in a round table or make a poster presentation.

Scientific sessions will be held on September 14-15.
Plenary talks in the morning will be 45 minutes long, including a 10 minute question-answer session.
11 sections and 5 round tables will be held parallel in the afternoon after plenary session.
1 invited lecture (1 hour long including 15 minute question-answer session) will take place in the evening.
The open annual conference of RSHPS will be held on September 16.

1. History and Philosophy of Mathematics (organizers: V.A. Bazhanov, A.N. Kritchevetz, E.A. Zaytzev)
2. Philosophical Issues of Natural Sciences (D.A. Bayuk, A.Yu. Sevalnikov, E.A. Zatzeva-Baum)
3. Philosophical Problems of Cognitive Science (V.A. Lektorsky)
4. Philosophical Logic (V.I. Markin)
5. Logic and Rhetoric of Science (I.N. Griftzova, G.V. Sorina)
6. Ethics of Science (P.D. Tischenko)
7. History and Philosophy of Humanities (M.S. Kisselyova, I.E. Sirotkina)
8. History of Philosophy of Psychology (A.G. Asmolov, A.N. Mazilov, V.F. Petrenko)
9. Philosophical Issues of Technoscience (V.I. Arshinov, V.G. Budanov)
10. History of Philosophy of Science (I.T. Kasavin, T.D. Sokolova)
11. Philosophical Issues of Computer Science and Information Technologies (P.N. Baryshnikov, A.V. Rodin)

Round Tables:
1. Communication in Science (E.O. Trufanova and A.F. Yakovleva)
2. Philosophical Problems of Normative Sciences (I.D. Nevvazhai)
3. Convergence of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities (T.G. Leshkevich)
4. Alchemy as a cultural phenomenon
5. Cultural and Philosophical Foundations of Modern Science (D.N. Drozdova)

Conference fee
50 Euro (normal) and 25 Euro (for students) could be paid by the conference registration. This includes the distribution of the conference proceedings, organization of coffee breaks & welcoming party, Russian visa support and a competence advice in terms of the hotel accommodation.