First Congress of RSHPS: First Announcement

First Announcement

Institute of Philosophy RAS invites submissions to the First Congress of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science “History and Philosophy of Science in the Time of Change”, which will hold June 20-21 2018 in Moscow.

Program Committee

V.I. Arshinov, I.T. Kasavin, V.G. Kuzntetzov, V.A. Lektrosky, V.I. Markin, A.A. Pechenkin, V.N. Porus, B.I. Prushinin, I.E. Sirotkina, A.V. Smirnov  (head of the Committee), V.S. Stepin, V.V. Tselishchev

Organizing Committee

 D.A. Bayuk, V.A. Bazhanov, I.N. Griftzova, I.T. Kasavin (head of the Committee), T.G. Leshkevitch, I.D. Nevvazhai, A.V. Rodin, A.Yu. Sevalnikov, T.D. Sokolova, E.O. Trufanova, L.A. Tuhvatulina, B.G. Yudin, A.F. Yakovleva


Research in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) in Russia has a long tradition and some internationally recognized attaiments; this research is presently continuing in the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Universities. Courses in HPS are given in nearly all Russian universities and higher schools. In May 2016 Russian researches and academic professors working in HPS founded Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Sciences (RSHPS) as a platform for building the national professional community in this academic field. One of instruments of community building will be national professional Congresses in HPS, the first of which will hold in Moscow June 20-21, 2018. These Congresses will continue a tradition, which existed in the USSR but was interrupted soon after the desintegration of this country.

The pertinence of HPS in the Russian social and cultural context is due to the fact that in the beginning of the 21st century Russia faces a number of opportunities and risks. The most important of these are related to the need to develop a national knowledge-based economy. It requires a transformation of industry and its management via focusing on intellectual capacities, competences, knowledge, self-organisation of creative activities, soft dialogical forms of communication. Studies of cognitive and social dimensions of science and technology, which correspond to the present level of development of science and the society, provide a singifincant backward impact on its subject-matter. This is particularly evident in developed economies where science and technology studies play a major role. Since such studies encounter a number of methodological problems the situation is often described as a crisis, which requires new breakthrough researches. This gives some reasons for a revision of the disciplinary structure of science and articulation of its socio-philosophical aspect including special characteristics of HPS in Russia, which involve a specific worldview as well as special practical needs.

Aims and Scope

Aims of this Congress include a promotion of new agendas in HPS, discussing of structural shifts in this field of research and making certain decisions in RSHPS.

The Congress covers all areas of HPS, which are present today in Russia, including new emerging areas, which only begin to develop in this country. A preliminary list of Sections and Round Tables is below.


Philosophy of Mathematics (V.A. Bazhanov)

Philosophical Issues of Natural Sciences (A.Yu. Sevalnikov)

Philosophical Problems of Normative Sciences (I.D. Nevvazhai)

Philosophical Problems of Cognitive Science (V.A. Lektorsky)

Philosophical Logic (V.I. Markin)

Logic and Rhetoric of Science (I.N. Griftzova)

Ethics of Science (B.G. Yudin)

History of Science and Technology (D.A. Bayuk)

History of Philosophy of Science (I.T. Kasavin)


Round Tables:

Communication in Science (E.O. Trufanova and A.F. Yakovleva)

Convergence of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities (T.G. Leshkevich)


Call for Papers

We invite for participation in the Congress historians, philosophers and all scientists interested in HPS.  Potential contributors are asked to send abstracts up to 10 000 signs by September 1, 2017 to congress18 (at) rshps (dot) org  as attachments in RTF or DOC format. In the beginning of the abstract please specify your full name, affiliation, email and the name of Section where you prefer to present your paper. Then follow a short abstract (up to 100 words) and the main body of your submission. Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.

The list of accepted abstracts will be published on the Congress’ site by December 1, 2017. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings. The Organizing Committee reserve the right to offer a contributer to make a plenary talk, section talk, participate a Round Table or a poster presentation.

Список тезисов, принятых по итогам рецензирования, размещается на сайте конференции к 1 декабря 2017 года. Принятые тезисы докладов публикуются в материалах конференции. Оргкомитет оставляет за собой право предложить авторам сделать очный доклад на пленарном заседании, секции или круглом столе, а также стендовый доклад. Авторам лучших докладов будет предложено подготовить полноформатную статью по той же теме для опубликования в Epistemology & Philosophy of Science и других российских рецензируемых журналах.

As a part of the Congress will hold a regular annuary meeting of RSHPS with the following agenda:

  1. Discussion and voting amendments to the Status of RSHPS.

  2. Membership

  3. Financial Report

  4. Organisation of the next Congress of RSHPS

  5. Other

Registration Fee and Travel Support

The registration fee is 500 rubles for students and 1000 rubles for other categories of participants.

Registred members of RSHPS who have payed their membership in 2018 are registred to the Congress without the registration fee.

The Organizing Committee may support a number of participants travelling from other cities. A request for travel support should be included into the submission. Decisions concerning the travel support will be made regarding the available funding.

Congress Location

Moscow, Institute of Philosophy RAS ( 12 Goncharnaya st. Moscow 109240)


email: congress18 (at) rshps (dot) org  

Phone: +7(495)6979576 (Tuesday and Thursday from 13 to 17.00).